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State Grid Fingerprint Identification System

  • The solution has been developed to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the information management platform of the State Grid, and succeeds in providing a secure process for identity confirmation of staff and verification of their privileges. This system eliminates the burden of remembering complex account numbers and passwords, introduces fingerprint authentication technology into the grid’s information management system, and provides fingerprint-based authentication for the entire operating staff.

    Techshino’s fingerprint technology has been successfully applied in the construction of both the marketing staff authentication system of the Hubei branch of the State Grid and in the financial control payment system in the Hunan branch of the State Grid. Specifically, the State Grid’s Hubei branch has implemented fingerprint sign-in and authorization management cross the entire marketing staff. As a result, the security, authenticity, integrity and accuracy of all data contained in its marketing applications system are better guaranteed, and the construction of the “big marketing” system has been promoted. The State Grid’s Hunan branch has added a fingerprint identification control function on top of its existing security control mechanism for the payment of financially control capital. The branch has also introduced fingerprint authentication-based examination and approval to key links as well askey examination and approval nodes in online capital payment so as to ensure payment and transaction security.

    • A group of fingerprint system administrators is assigned to each facility. The group’s level is matched to the facility’s administrative level, and a seamless connection between the fingerprint system and the 8 major SG186 application management systems is established.
    • All transaction data need to be digitally signed before transmission, and alldata in the database will be protected using a MAC tamperproof method. As a result, the data in the database will remaincomplete and untouched.
    • The unique characteristics of a fingerprint help prevent theft andcounterfeit, which ensures excellent security.