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Car Fingerprint Anti-theft System

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Car Fingerprint Anti-theft System

  • As the demand for automobiles rises for ordinary families, there has been a continuous increase in the number of car thefts. Traditionally, a key and remote are used to enter and start the car. But once the key and remote are lost, complications can occur, especially if someone else finds those keys and uses them to steal the car. To prevent the rate of car theft from increasing, fingerprint identification technology has been introduced into the automotive antitheft system, eliminating the complexities and security risks associated with traditional key and remote security methods.

    Beijing Techshino Co., Ltd. has successfully applied its in-house developed fingerprint identification technology to car security, which allows only recognized people to activate the car. This makes it impossible for anyone who has picked up or stolen the car owner’s key to steal the vehicle as well, thus reducing the car owner’s losses. Integrated GPS location technology allows you to accurately track your car wherever it goes, while also maintaining remote control access over it. With all of these features, this system will be the ideal device for use in the antitheft sector.

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    • Enables automatic vehicle startup via fingerprint.
    • Enables remote control of the vehicle.
    • Uses a Fingerprint USB Token to ensure system security 
    • Offers a powerful development platform for further customization.