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Iris Recognition System for Miners

  • For mining companies, there are few reliable system to verify the identification of authorized personnel going underground. This ambiguity makes it hard to assist workers in the occurrence of an accident. Our Iris identification technology can be used to create a personnel identification system, aiming to improve the overall safety of the mines as well as to enhance the efficiency of work done.

  • Iris Recognition System for Miners
    • Technologically advanced: Techshino’s iris identification algorithm won second place in the NICE: II competition.
    • Excellent compatibility: This system is compatible with many current mainstream RFID Miners Positioning Systems, including KJ66, KJ133, KJ139, KJ201, KJ208, KJ212, KJ236, KJ237, KJ241, KJ251, etc.
    • Multiple-service sharing: The biometric identification open system (SmartBIOS) offers access by multiple service systems, and can realize unified authentication across all service systems, which makes it possible for joining the customers’ platform later in the future.
    • Easy-to-maintain: All data are stored in the central server which is highly secure and easy to manage. In order to improve the platform’s flexibility, efforts have been made to introduce parameters into as many settings as possible, which makes it easy for the system to reach the optimal state.
    • Standardized: This platform complies with relevant national standards and codes. In fact, the standard Web-based model is employed as the platform’s architecture, and DES, RSA and other standard methods are used for data encryption.