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OA System Fingerprint Identification Solution

  • With the rapid development of computer technology the internal management of enterprises has become more structured and OA (office automation) office systems are becoming more widely used. However, problems frequently exist inreal-world office environments, including but not limited to computer hack attacksand stolen or forgotten passwords. Cases where an un-authorized person steals or views confidential data by illegally using a superior’s higher clearance can be particularly damaging. To put an end to password security problems and the threat of hacker attacks, Fingerprint USB Token technology can be introduced into OA systems to provide a convenient yet secure method to accurately confirm people’s identities and verify their actual authority clearance.

    This solution combines fingerprint USB Token devices with an OA system to improve a system’s security and convenience as well as to keep its technology up to date. The fingerprint USB Token and related development APIs offered by Techshino ensures a smooth connection to a business’s OA system so as to establish a secure, stable, efficient, flexible, and convenient authentication system. At present, this solution has already been employed within many branch officesin the Agricultural Bank of China.

    • Direct plug and play operation removes software installation requirements and also makes the device easy and convenient to operate.
    • Combines fingerprint identification and PKI technology to establish a two-factor authentication system involving a “fingerprint + digital certificate” combination, which helps ensure non-reputability, security and reliability.
    • Supports both Token and USB flash drive functions and uses fingerprint technology to protect the security of the private key and data encryption and decryption.