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Banking Face Recognition Solutions

Face Recognition Solution for VIP Bank Customers

  • Provides intelligent and personalized customer experience to VIP customers from the point when they enter the bank. The system identifies the VIP and  immediately notifies the corresponding account manager through text messages and screen alerts on stationary or mobile devices.

    This system empowered by Techshino face recognition helps adopters differentiate their service from competitors and  boost their VIP customer loyalty.

  • VIP Face Recogntion
    • Deliver first-class customer care to bank VIPs.
    • Keep track  of and identify high value customers.
    • Promote information sharing among different bank branches.

Banking Iris Recognition Solutions

Iris Bank Management System

  • Techshino’s complete solution BBAS (Bank Biometric Authentication System) for bank clients covers external client identification and authentication, internal staff authentication, and internal operation risk management.

    The system seamlessly integrates Techshino’s award-winning iris recognition technology, offering end users the highest level of security with ease of use.

    • Reduces operational cost by minimizing both internal and external fraudulent activities. 
    • Offers iris recognition technology to use when fingerprint reading is not applicable to bank clerks who type often.   

Banking Fingerprint Identification Solutions

Fingerprint Solution for Banking Business Systems

  • Most banking systems today still rely on passwords or ID cards to verify the identities of their tellers. As hacking becomes more sophisticated, hackers have been able to steal a patron’s identification with much greater ease. This calls for a more secure replacement. Fingerprint identification solution addressed to these issues, offering bank employees the protection against identify thefts.

    Since 2003, the BBAS has installed over 600,000 fingerprint devices in over 90,000 branches of  banks and credit unions in China.

    • Free bank staff from the burden of remembering different sets of passwords to access business systems. 
    • Offers a stronger authentication to minimize potential hacking activities.   

ATM Cassette Lock System

  • The unique, convenient, and accurate qualities of a fingerprint for individual identification ensure the legitimacy and tractability of a teller’s operations. These systems have already been put to use in many major banks in order to strengthen the management of cash replacement personnel and therefore improve the security and stability of their ATMs.

    Currently, as cash is deposited or withdrawn from an ATM machine, a key or password is used to open the cash box. Usually, the key and password are placed with different caretakers for additional security so that it is impossible to open the box without the presence of both individuals, but this method has its own security risks. Fingerprint identification is a solution that can prevent these risks by eliminating potential problems with key or password misplacement, while also keeping track of all ATM operations.

    • A  system that has deployed in several real-life applications.
    • Dual-system control  
    • User-friendly fingerprint operations  
    • Easy and Convenient staff management Real-time monitoring
    • Log and operation history management