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Fingerprint Identification Solution for Testing Centers


Fingerprint Recognition Solution for Testing Centers

  • With improvement of the examination system and the launch of the self-study examination model, more education opportunities have been offered to the general public. However, standard examination passes usually contain little more than the holder’s name, pass number, and other various other bits of information on a single piece of paper. A major disadvantage of this kind of pass is that it can’t effectively identify students and prevent cheating. The security, irreplaceability, and uniqueness of fingerprint-based authentication can improve the work efficiency of examination administration authorities and reduce their workload–safeguarding examinees’ interests and consequently eradicating cheating behavior.

    In April 2003, Techshino provided the Liaoning Admissions Office with a total examinee authentication solution, which has been smoothly operating for 9 years. The solution has effectively solved the issue of confirming the identities of over 1 million self-study examinees in Liaoning province. In 2007, in collaboration with the Wuan Admissions Office of Hebei province, Techshino decided to use a fingerprint authentication system for examinees graduating from middleschools and highschools to solve the issue of identity confirmation for over 13,000 examinees each year. In May 2012, Techshino’s examinee fingerprint authentication system won the bid for participation in the construction of a standardized examination site at the Education and Examination Agency of Hebei, thereby becoming a contributor to the standardization of examination sites in Hebei province.

    At present, this system has attracted the attention of many education agencies and can be used widely in various examinations (the High School Entrance Test, the College Entrance Test, technical title tests, proficiency level tests, the Graduate Admission Test, etc.) to effectively prevent the practice of taking tests on someone else’s behalf.

    • Effectively prevents examination fraud such as stand-in test taking, safeguards the fairness.
    • Offers quick on-the-spot authentication even without online access and can ensure data security.
    • Integrates seamlessly with existing examination affairs management systems. 
    • Offers a powerful development platform for further customization.