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Face Recognition System for Testing Centers

Face Recognition Solution for Testing Centers

  • Examination fraud with cases involving stand-in test takers has long been a particularly difficult problem to manage. Although developments in examination management systems have greatly improved the efficiency of examination administration authorities, most examinees still rely on traditional exam pass and ID card authentication procedures – both of which contain many easily exploited security loopholes.  To completely stop examination fraud and stand-in test taking, this system introduces face identification technology into the examinee authentication system and confirms the identities of examinees by making use of the unique characteristics of the human face.

    By combining the security of centralized data storage with the flexibility of distributed authentication and data collection, the face recognition system for examinees is able to greatly enhance security, convenience, work efficiency, and auditability for examinee authentication procedures.The system is well suited for use in large-scale examinations, such as the College Entrance Test, the Adult Education Test, the Graduate Admission Test and others. By removing most of the tedious and repetitive work of manually checking examinee identification, the system greatly improves the efficiency and fairness of examinations.

    • Ensures centralized management of examinees’ facial feature data.
    • Collects data easily and quickly and is easy and convenient to operate.
    • Offers quick on-the-spot authentication even without online access and can ensure data security.
    • Effectively prevents examination fraudsuch as stand-in test taking.
    • Simplifies the process of manually verifying examinee identities.
    • Improves examination fairness and integrity.
    • Allows examination administration authorities to examine and inspectthe authentication procedures.