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Face Recognition Solution for Test Centers

  • Examination fraud with cases involving stand-in test takers has long been a particularly difficult problem to manage. Although developments inexamination management systems have greatly improved the efficiency of examination administration authorities, most examinees still rely on traditional exam pass and ID card authentication procedures – both of which contain many easily exploited security loopholes.  To completely stop examination fraud and stand-in test taking, this system introduces face identification technology into the examinee authentication system and confirms the identities of examinees by making use of the unique characteristics of the human face.

    By combining the security of centralized data storage with the flexibility of distributed authentication and data collection, the face recognition system for examinees is able to greatly enhance security, convenience, work efficiency, and auditability for examinee authentication procedures.The system is well suited for use inlarge-scale examinations, such asthe College Entrance Test, theAdult Education Test, TheGraduate Admission Testand others. By removing most of the tedious and repetitive work of manually checking examinee identification, the system greatly improves the efficiency and fairness of examinations.

    • Ensures centralized management of examinees’ facial feature data.
    • Collects data easily and quickly and is easy and convenient to operate.
    • Offers quick on-the-spot authentication even without online access and can ensure data security.
    • Effectively prevents examination fraudsuch as stand-in test taking.
    • Simplifies the process of manually verifying examinee identities.
    • Improves examination fairness and integrity.
    • Allows examination administration authorities to examine and inspectthe authentication procedures.

Fingerprint Solution for Testing Centers
  • With improvement of the examination system and the launch of the self-study examination model, more education opportunities have been offered to the general public. However, standard examination passes usually contain little more than the holder’s name, pass number, and other various other bits of information on a single piece of paper. A major disadvantage of this kind of pass is that it can’t effectively identify students and prevent cheating. The security, irreplaceability, and uniqueness of fingerprint-based authentication can improve the work efficiency of examination administration authorities and reduce their workload–safeguarding examinees’ interests and consequently eradicating cheating behavior.

    In April 2003, Techshino provided the Liaoning Admissions Office with a total examinee authentication solution, which has been smoothly operating for 9 years. The solution has effectively solved the issue of confirming the identities of over 1 million self-study examinees in Liaoning province. In 2007, in collaboration with the Wuan Admissions Office of Hebei province, Techshino decided to use a fingerprint authentication system for examinees graduating from middleschools and highschools to solve the issue of identity confirmation for over 13,000 examinees each year. In May 2012, Techshino’s examinee fingerprint authentication system won the bid for participation in the construction of a standardized examination site at the Education and Examination Agency of Hebei, thereby becoming a contributor to the standardization of examination sites in Hebei province.

    At present, this system has attracted the attention of many education agencies and can be used widely in various examinations (the High School Entrance Test, the College Entrance Test, technical title tests, proficiency level tests, the Graduate Admission Test, etc.) to effectively prevent the practice of taking tests on someone else’s behalf.

    • Effectively prevents examination fraud such as stand-in test taking, safeguards the fairness.
    • Offers quick on-the-spot authentication even without online access and can ensure data security.
    • Integrates seamlessly with existing examination affairs management systems. 
    • Offers a powerful development platform for further customization.
Fingerprint Identification System for Driver Training Management

  • With the rapid growth of the economy resulting ina greater number of people owning cars, the driver training industry has also been experiencing significant growth as well. But despite advancements in driver training procedures, there still remain many problems with the integrity of driver training classes and tests, resulting in cases where unqualified trainees are still able to receive driver licenses. To prevent individuals from receiving training or taking tests on the behalf of others, fingerprint authentication technology has been introduced into the driver training management system to prevent such cases from occurring.

    The implementation of this system can solve many driver training management issues such as school resource distribution, authentication for physical examinations, authentication for driving tests, online appointments, and trainee feedback for coach attitude and performance.Data collection for trainees including the collection of basic information, fingerprint data, and physical examination information is done beforehand, thus reducing management work and minimizing potential errors in related data entry work.

    Once setup, this system can be seamlessly connected to the existing driving management systems to achieve formalized management of the training plans of driver schools.

  • Fingerprint Identification System for Driver Training Management
    • In-house developed with numerous mature applications -Techshino’s fingerprint identification platform (SmartFPI) integrates fingerprint readers with network communication technology to authenticate trainee identity.
    • Ensures proper resource distribution across schools -The system inventories the resources of the driver training schools beforehand and controls the number of trainees each school enrolls, so as to prevent schools from over-expanding. The system also allocates driver school resources based on how trainees make appointments for school cars.
    • Ensures trainee authenticity during physical examinations – Trainees need to have their fingerprint authenticatedwhen they enroll at a school or receive their annual physical examination, so as to ensure that the enrolled person or the person taking a physical examination is the one whom he or she claims to be.
    • Enables remote login via fingerprint – Through this system, a trainee can securely complete a number of driver training tasks online. These include scheduling appointments to drive cars, viewing coaches’ training comments, inquiring about test scores, viewing school announcements, applying for withdrawal from the training course, and others. All this can be done from the trainee’s own home.
    • Confirms trainee identity for driving practice –Before a trainee gets in the car for driving practice, a fingerprint scan will ensure that the trainee is who he or she claims to be.