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Fingerprint Identification Case Studies

  • The Taian Department of Motor and Vehicle Office consists of three divisions: License Management Division, Motor Vehicle Management Division, and Motor Vehicle Safety Technology Testing Center. The office implements laws, regulations, policies and standards concerning motor vehicle registration and driving license management. Taian DMV is responsible for the service and management and services of over 100,000 vehicles and hundreds of thousands of drivers.

    In recent years, all examinations and attendance checks carried out by driving schools were under the administration of Motor and Vehicle Management Division. Individuals could only be identified through personal ID cards, which led to a series of problems:

    • The driving school’s resources were being overstretched
    • There was an inappropriate increase in enrollment, causing timetable and scheduling problems
    • Students were caught cheating on driver’s training, examinations, and physical check-ups
    • The learners didn’t receive the full benefit of driving lessons due to lack of training space or impatient driving instructors.

  • Techshino has made field surveys and used its core technology to design a “Fingerprint Identification System for Driver Training Examination” for the Taian DMV office. Based on the SmartBIOS platform, Techshino integrated the fingerprint identification module into the existing systems. The system ensures that candidates being examined can only be identified by their fingerprints, effectively preventing examination fraud.[/ap_tab]

    • Fingerprint readers adopt an ergonomic design, and can be operated easily and conveniently. 360 degree fingerprint matching is feasible.
    • The driving training process is standardized. Fingerprint identification eliminates the possibility of fraud during physical examinations, driving practices or tests, which significantly reduces the number of dangerous drivers on the road
    • Good compatibility; mature technology and stable operation;
    • Prompt after-sales service; low fault rate and repair rate.