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Iris Module for Mobile Devices

  • Techshino’s patent-pending iris camera module combined with Techshino’s award-winning iris algorithm empowers mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, with swift, easy and reliable biometric identi- fication and authentication for mobile use scenarios.

    Iris Module for Mobiles
    Iris Module for Mobiles

    • Processes low-quality iris images and performs well under less-than-optimal lighting conditions.
    • Authenticates at a natural and comfortable distance, 17 to 30cm (7 to 12 inches) away from the mobile device.
    • Provides a protected security area within the module to house the match engine, templates and authentication processes. This prevents sensitive data from being hacked.
    • Complies with ISO iris image format for compatibility with known iris matching algorithms.
    • Can be integrated with Techshino’s multi-modality including fingerprint, face, voice, and security tokens.

    • Highly Accurate
      • Iris has significantly more distinct characteristics than most other biometrics, making the false positive rate or false negative rate even lower than the traditionally adopted fingerprint.
      • Techshino’s proprietary iris algorithm smartly processes low-quality iris images and performs well under less-than-optimal lighting conditions.
    • Natural and Easy to Use
      • Iris authentication can be done at a natural and comfortable distance between 17cm to 30cm (7 to 12 inches) away from the mobile device. No physical contact is required.
    • Applicable to a Wider Population
      • Iris pattern is fixed as young as one year in age and remain constant over time and across environments, such as climate and occupational differences.
      • As a protected internal organ, iris is not subject to physical wear-out or injuries. This outperforms the fingerprint scanning which does not work for people with certain occupations.
    • Hard to Spoof
      • Iris is not easily accessible as an internal organ, and hard to fake for fraudsters.
    • ISO compliant
      • ISO compliant iris image format is compatible with known iris matching algorithms.
    • Techshino’s Multi-modality capabilities
      • Techshino has a full range of biometric products including iris, face, fingerprint, voice and security tokens. In case of your other biometric needs, we offer a one-stop-shop.

    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 5.5 x 4 x 5.5mm (0.22 x 0.08 x0.22 inches)
    • Operating range: 170-300mm (6.69-11.81 inches)
    • Template size: 512 bytes
    • FRR: <0.1%
    • FAR: <0.0001%
    • Processing speed: <1S
    • Verification Speed:1: 1,000,000/s single core cpu
    • Recognition mode: single eye/ dual eyes
    • Image Format: complies with ISO 19794-6
    • Sensor: 2 megapixel
    • Resolution: 1920×1080
    • Iris image: 140-170 pixels

  • Iris recognition as an emerging biometric technology has outperformed many other technologies in terms of stability, accuracy, speed, non-intrusive nature, and difficulty to forge. Techshino’s iris module integrated into mobile devices can be used for:

    • Mobile apps – transaction authentication, Indian UID apps
    • Time and attendance
    • Physical access control
    • Logical access control
    • Patient identification