Iris Lock

  • Iris Lock uses the most secure iris technology and embedded latest patented iris algorithm. It is a kind of smart lock with iris recognition, 4G Video call, and remote service into one.  It conducts iris enrollment, modify, delete and unlock the door and can be widely applied in luxury hotel, villa, apartments etc. for access control management.


    Iris Lock



    • Double eyes enrollment, one glance to open the door
    • 4G video call, remote unlock
    • Hostage APP alarming
    • Multiple modes to unlock, real-time surveillance
    • Voice message, APP inquire
    • Tamper alarming
    • IPS High resolution touch screen, elegant design
    • Anti-peer, scramble pincode



    • With high resolution iris camera and advance binocular iris algorithm, it can conduct verification within 1 second.
    • With high resolution camera and 4G video call, users can confirm the visitor and the surrounding, via mobile app to unlock remotely.
    • Multiple unlock modes, iris/pincode/remote/emergence key etc., application can be customized according to clients specific requirement.
    • Tamper alarming, with multiple sensors embedded, the lock can record the malicious damage performance and trigger smart alarming.
    • Mobile APP inquiry, including users information, surveillance, voice message, visiting times etc., for the convenience when need trace back.


  • Iris Lock can be widely applied in smart home, smart communities, smart buildings and hotels. It is convenient, secure and fashionable.