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Binocular Iris Authentication Device TCI 322

  • Techshino Binocular Iris Identification Device (TCI322) is a binocular (two eyes) iris device with one single camera. The designs combine simplicity with ergonomics, which offer users a high quality device with ease of use. USB interface and SDK are provided in support of customized development.

    Techshino Binocular Iris Identification Device (TCI321)
    Techshino Binocular Iris Identification Device TCI322

    • Easy to use with the design of binocular telescope.
    • High resolution Sensor
    • Ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of the captured iris image with infrared and visible light inside the device
    • Precise localization: patch guide, real time image detection algorithm
    • Real time iris image detection in PC client:  detection speed is 2ms.
    • Software Development Kit (SDK) for customized development
    • Plug and play installation
    • Standards: ISO/IEC 19794-6 and ISO 8583
    • Certifications:  Eye Safety Compliance(IEC 62471), RoHS, EMC testing

    • Device start-up speed: <1 s
    • Working voltage: DC5V
    • Power Consumption: <1.25W
    • Dimensions (W*H*D): 148*65*207mm (58.2*25.6*81.5 in)
    • Weight: 420gram
    • Capture Mode: binocular iris
    • Capture Speed: <1s
    • Capture Distance: 0~2cm (eyes to patch)
    • FRR: <0.1%
    • FAR: <0.0001%
    • Interface: USB2.0
    • Operation System: 32bit/64bit Windows 8/7/XP, Linux
    • Working Temperature: -10℃~50℃
    • Working Humidity: <90%

  • Iris recognition as an emerging biometric technology has outperformed many other technologies in terms of stability, accuracy, speed, non-intrusive nature, and difficulty to forge.

    All the above advantages have attracted security-sensitive industries to use iris recognition for authentication purposes as below:

    • Identity management : ATM, online banking, payment
    • Law enforcement: Police, prison etc.
    • Public area security control and surveillance: subway, train station, shopping mall etc.
    • Other industries identity management: social security, education, driving school etc.
    • Physical access control: home, offices, apartment, villas etc.