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Binocular Iris Authentication Device TCI 321

  • Techshino Binocular Iris Identification Device (TCI321) is a stand-alone binocular (two eyes) iris device with both iris scanning and on-device verification functions. The designs combine simplicity with ergonomics, which offer users a high quality device with ease of use. USB or RS232 interface and Instruction Set are provided in support of customized development.

    Techshino Binocular Iris Identification Device (TCI321)
    Techshino Binocular Iris Identification Device TCI321

    • The 3-Step positioning system allows fast and easy iris image captures.
      • Lens cone design help users find the ideal distance easily and quickly. Distance between eyes and the lens cone can be 0~2cm.
      • A 2-color LED light indicator informs the operator of whether the subject is within the operating range.
      • With <5ms iris detect speed and 60 fps capture speed, it can capture iris images in motion
    • Embedded device with on-device verification function ensures the safety of users’ information.
    • Iris image complies with ISO/IEC 19794-6.
    • Certifications:  CE, FCC, RoHS, Eye Safety Compliance

  • Security-sensitive industries may use iris recognition for authentication purposes as below:

    • Identity management : ATM, online banking, payment
    • Law enforcement: Police, prison etc.
    • Public area security control and surveillance: subway, train station, shopping mall etc.
    • Other industries identity management: social security, education, driving school etc.
    • Physical access control: home, offices, apartment, villas etc.