Fingerprint USB token

Techshino Fingerprint USB Token is a simple plug and play device that has on-board matching capacity based on public-key cryptography. It well suits the needs of security authentication for IT access control.

Techshino fingerprint USB token
Techshino fingerprint USB token


  • Compact plug and play design; can be used instantly upon insertion
  • Empowered with on-device matching
  • Extendable fingerprint storage
  • SDK provided for further customization to your business needs


  • A securer alternative than traditional username and password authentication. No need to remember numerous sets of passwords!
  • Plug and play requires no software installation and improve the ease of use.
  • Can be easily and seamlessly integrated to total security solution.


  • Microprocessor: 32-bit specific cryptographic chip
  • Fingerprint Sensors: Swipe semiconductor sensors
  • Communication Interface: USB2.0
  • Public Key Algorithm: 1024, 2048-bit RSA algorithm
  • Hashing Algorithm: SHA-1, MD5
  • Speed of Digital Signature: 32times/second
  • Operating system:Windows 98/ 2000/2003/XP, Vista, Win 7, Linux
  • Maximum Operating Power: <150mA @ 5V
  • ESD Protection: >15 kV
  • Length of Connecting Line: 30cm
  • Operating Temperature: -25℃ to +70℃
  • Operating Humidity: 20% to 95%
  • Data Lifespan: >10 years
  • Device Lifespan: 1,000,000 uses
  • Matching Mode: 1:1, 1: N
  • FRR: <0.01%
  • FAR: <0.00003%
  • Enrollment Speed: 1 second/finger
  • Verification Speed: 1:1, <10 milliseconds 1: N (N<100), <1 second
  • Template Size: ≤256 bytes/finger
  • Fingerprint Storage Space: 100 fingerprints, expandable
  • Storage Space: 64KB, expandable



    It is mainly used in e-business, e-government, e.g. online banking, hosting computer lock, documents encryption, and Internet security authentication.