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Fingerprint OEM Modules


TCM021, TCM045, and TCM011 are fingerprint OEM modules, integrated with Techshino’s patented fingerprint identification algorithm. They are equipped with quality optical sensors, or capacitive fingerprint sensors. As they are compliant with common communication standards, these modules can be easily and seamlessly integrated with most security systems to meet a variety of identification needs.

Techshino Fingerprint OEM Module TCM021
Fingerprint OEM Module TCM021
Techshino Fingerprint OEM Module TCM011
Fingerprint OEM Module TCM011
Techshino Fingerprint OEM TCM045 Module
Fingerprint OEM Module TCM045


  • Offers image capturing and processing, template generating, and matching capabilities.
  • Features Techshino’s patented algorithm, automatically adjust parameters to scan dry or wet fingers.
  • Offers both 1:1 and 1:N matching modes.Uses encryption for data transmitted, processed, and stored.
  • Supports 360-degree rotation identification and requires fewer fingerprint characteristic values, making it suitable for embedded systems.
  • Offers various communication interfaces and is able to directly communicate with PC and SCM (single-chip microcomputer).
  • Features easy installation, effortless customization at a competitive pricing.


  • Customizable and can be embedded into a variety of devices for fingerprint identification purposes.



  • Matching Mode: 1:1; 1:N
  • Template Size: ≤256 bytes/template
  • Storage Space: 1000 templates
  • FRR: <0.01%
  • FAR: <0.00003%
  • Enrollment Speed: 1 second/fingerprint
  • Verification Speed: 1:1, 2 to 3 milliseconds; 1:N (N<1000), <1 second
  • Operating Power Consumption: 200mA @ 5V (maximum)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25℃ to +70℃
  • Operating Humidity Range: 20% to 95%
  • Installation: Four-corner circular holes (d=2.2mm, and can be expanded to 3.3mm)
  • Sensors: AuthenTec, FPC: Semiconductor sensor; Digent: Optical sensor
  • Communication Interfaces: RS232 (1200-115200Bps, 9600Bps (default), 8-bits, 1bit stop bit and no parity bit), USB2.0


The modules can be widely used in ATM, POS terminal, fingerprint door locks, fingerprint safes, arms lockers, anti-burglary utilities on vehicles, authorization management systems of automation devices, ID authentication systems, intelligent residential districts, and security systems of intelligent buildings.