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Face Recognition Project for VIP Bank Customers


Insurance, funds, bonds, stocks, gold, financial products and other high-end businesses are becoming increasingly important to a bank. These financial businesses, which mainly come from VIPs, are the main source of profit for banks; therefore, attracting and keeping such people by providing the best service has become the main focus of many banks.

Banks have been introducing all kinds of high quality services, such as private banking, VIP rooms, and other professional concierge services. Many major banks have a lot of experience in how to effectively market products, but the practice of identifying and welcoming VIPs still remains in a basic stage of passive waiting. Being able to identify VIPs at the earliest possible time and thus providing more personalized services has become an important aspect for VIP marketing and services.

The VIP Customer Face Recognition Precise Positioning System is an effective service method for improving service quality for VIPs. It captures and analyzes the faces of people coming towards the entrance of the bank and attempts to find a match from a list of VIP face images. Once a VIP is identified, the system can send information about the VIP to the corresponding account manager through text messages, on screen alerts, or handheld devices. It can welcome VIPs by voice at the entrance and allow an account manager to meet up with the VIP as quickly as possible. Such personalized service will improve VIPs’ loyalty to the bank and lead to more potential business.


  • Improve Service Quality

When a VIP enters a branch office, his name and banking information are immediately retrieved through the intelligent face recognition system.The account manager is then notified ahead of time to prepare the required services.

  • Improve Customer Loyalty

The VIP can enjoy the same high quality service no matter which branch office he goes to by using the intelligent face recognition system to help the bank prepare in advance, which can improve customer loyalty and longevity.

  • Improve Competitiveness

By deploying the intelligent face recognition system to improve VIP customer experience, the system can help promote bank brand awareness, increase the bank’s reputation, and improve its competitiveness.

  • Keep Track of Potential VIPs

The system can automatically distinguish potential VIPs who visit branches frequently which help account managers turn potential VIP customers into true VIP customers.

  • Promotes information sharing

The intelligent face recognition system centralizes the management of customer facial feature information so that it is easy to share VIP facial information between different bank branches.

  • Scalable Security Management System

The system can be expanded to include other biometric authentication technologies to be used in bank security management.

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