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Beijing EyeCool Technology Co, LTD. founded in 2016, is the Group Company of Techshino set up in 1997. Take big data as the foundation and biometrics as the entrance, EyeCool focuses on deep learning technology to enhance human-computer interaction in AI application.
The Company pays attention to the research and development of independent intellectual property rights of core technology, successively established 5 biometric R&D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, Jinan, Shenyang and Changchun focusing on fingerprint, face, iris, fingerprint vein recognition and multimodal biometric applications. Headquartered in Beijing, China, EyeCool has 6 branch offices in Beijing, Shandong, Shenzhen and one branch office in New Delhi, India, providing biometric software solution and all-in-one biometric smart terminals for banks, university and school, police and anti-terrorism, transportation etc.


Here are key services:
Data Management System
EyeCool can provide the total solution for enterprises, organization, etc. to set up clients own biometric data management system, including fingerprint, face, iris enrollment, process, matching and provide the solution for identity management. The system can be private or public cloud-based.
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Image Management and Application
The principle is that with Company biometric devices to capture the image of fingerprint, face or iris, it can be sent to a variety of mobile devices, PC or other terminals where Company biometric technology apk installed, which can used to process the image locally to provide identification service, or can be extracting and send template to back-end cloud server or physical server in data center to process. Both are available and it is depends on the application scenario.
One-stop access to the Internet, email and conferencing.

EyeCool is looking forward to cooperating with you to build a safe, convenient and beautiful future life for people.