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Techshino Partners with Healthcare System Integrator Impulse Info Systems

Techshino partners with Impulse Info Systems
Techshino Europe starts in January 2015 with a pilot together with Impulse Info Systems (Oldenzaal, the Netherlands) for the use of Iris and Fingerprint as a new more secure and convenient log in replacing the passwords. Since 1994 Impulse provides innovative and reliable ICT service solutions for the healthcare sector. The company has  90 passionate IT professionals who specialize in providing IT solutions for Mental Health Care, Forensic care, Youth care and the disabled. Impulse info Syste...
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A Little About Us

Founded in 1997, Techshino is a leading biometric company, providing multi-modal biometric identification solutions including iris, fingerprint, face, and security token products. Our total solutions encompass hardware design, development platform, and identification algorithms. Currently, over 1.000,000 of our biometric devices are in active use by approximately 1 billion end users. With 20 years of accumulated development and implementation experience in biometric arena, we have gained a firm...
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Gender in the Eye of the Beholder.

Can we tell human gender by simply looking into a person’s eye? According to Planet Biometrics, a recent research reveals that human iris can be used to determine the gender with the accuracy rate of 91% and beyond. Researchers claim that the gender classification using iris images will aid the conventional biometric systems by reducing searching workload by half. This is good news to many biometrics companies, especially when multi-modality becomes a clear industry trend. Biometrics by natur...
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