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Certifications & Awards

We are an ISO9001 certified company. Our products are CE, RoHS, and FCC certified, so they comply with industry standards and are safe to use.

At present, the company owns nearly 100 patents and software copyrights, and is ranked among the Top 100 China Silicon Valley Fastest-Growing Companies. Our proprietary face and iris recognition algorithms received outstanding results in international competitions such as the Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC) and the Noisy Iris Challenge Evaluation (NICE) II.

As a company with years of experience in the biometric space, we are serving as one of the drafting members of  China’s National Committee for Biometric Identification Standards, and has been frequently invited to join industry associations globally including EAB (European Association for Biometrics) and FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance. Our earned industry recognition is driving us to deliver better products and services to our clients.