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About Techshino

Corporate OfficeFounded in 1997, Techshino is a leading biometric company with a global presence, providing multi-modal biometric identification solutions including iris, fingerprint, face, and security token products. The total solutions offered by Techshino encompass hardware design, development platform, and identification algorithms.

We offer businesses across various industries one-stop shop for their needs of higher security and operation efficiency by integrating biometric technologies. Applications include internal staff and customer-facing IT access authentication, physical access control, and patient registration and identification.

Techshino focuses on developing its proprietary technologies. It has three R&D centers in China. The capabilities of transforming R&D results into products and processes have been one of Techshino’s core competences. Its technologies and products are trusted by industries including financial services, healthcare, transportation, government, public security, and education. About 700,000 units of Techshino devices are in active use by millions of end users.

With the company philosophy of “Honesty, Integrity and Responsibility”, Techshino seeks to foster a cooperative, practical, and innovative corporate culture. A team full of bright and energetic minds is striving to drive innovation and deliver best products and customer experience. To reach the next growth milestone, we are actively seeking strategic partnership globally.

Service Introduction

PASS Platform Services

Identity authentication,Data mining,Rule engine,Platform management,Biometric library ,Storage service,Streaming services,Algorithm services,Algorithm training,Equipment management,System monitoring,Statistical analysis,IOT access service,Intelligent scheduling service,Compiling of information into computer databases,Compilation and systemization of information into computer databases,Providing multiple-user access to a global computer information network,Providing access to databases,Network ,Server ,Storage.

Cloud Service

Based on more than 10 years experience, Techshino owns high-accurate biometric algorithm and matching clusters with powerful processing capacity. We offer a variety of open APIs and SDKs to developers and companies for different development environments and biometric cloud applications.

Open API

Techshino provides on-line APP service of multiple biometric identification technologies, e.g.. face, iris, voiceprint, fingerprint, etc. for individual developers and enterprise users. We are looking forward to building a better future life together with you!

Multi-platform SDK

Techshino provides SDK of multiple biometric identification technologies, e.g.. face, iris, voiceprint, fingerprint, etc.,which is authorized to individual developers and enterprise users to develop their required applications.

Customized Cloud

Techshino provides cloud service customization for enterprises with special request. The configuration mode is flexible: your authentication cloud can be either totally maintained by Eyekey or set up individually inside your enterprise.

R & D center

We believe that brilliant ideas are from developers brainstorming. Techshino provides detailed documents and development support and Welcome to join our Development Center. Code connects you & me and technology changes the world.