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A Little About Us

Founded in 1997, Techshino is a leading biometric company, providing multi-modal biometric identification solutions including iris, fingerprint, face, and security token products. Our total solutions encompass hardware design, development platform, and identification algorithms.

Currently, over 1.000,000 of our biometric devices are in active use by approximately 1 billion end users. With 20 years of accumulated development and implementation experience in biometric arena, we have gained a firm foothold in financial sector, serving over 90,000 bank branches. Besides financial services, our technologies and products are trusted by industries including healthcare, transportation, government, public security, and education.

As biometrics technology evolves, Techshino is investing in R&D of the emerging iris recognition technology. In 2010, competing against 64 research groups around the globe, Techshino team won the 2nd place in Noisy Iris Challenge Evaluation II, a well-contested world competition on iris algorithm. Our iris recognition products are well suited for authentication purposes, including authentication for ATM, online banking and payment, as well as access control for banking vault, correctional institutions and Data centers.

In 2016, Beijing EyeCool Technology Co, LTD. was founded. It is the Group Company of Techshino. Taking big data as the foundation and biometrics as the entrance, EyeCool focuses on deep learning technology to enhance human-computer interaction in AI application. Headquarter in Beijing, China, EyeCool has 6 branch offices in Beijing, Shangdong, Shenzhen and one branch office in New Delhi, India. For strategic partnership, drop us a line at info@techshino.com.